How to Choose the Best Microwave Oven

A modern kitchen is not complete without an old tried and trusted microwave oven. Most people know how to use a microwave and the benefits that it provides for your cooking exploits, but they are pretty much clueless when it comes to choosing the ideal oven for their cooking ventures. There are a few fundamental aspects that are worthy of taking note before you purchase your microwave oven.

For a lot of people, the most highlighted aspect of a microwave oven would be its volume and size. An oven of appropriate capacity and volume is necessary depending on your cooking needs. Choosing an oversized microwave to cook your daily chicken fillets would be foolhardy to say the least. Flipping the cards around, you wouldnt want to have a small oven to execute your culinary skills with. Integrating ovens of an appropriate size tailored for your requirements would help a lot in enhancing your cooking exploits. Microwave ovens come in an assortment of sizes; ranging from a tiny one cubic feet to a gigantic 2.5 cubic feet or more.

The next important criteria of selecting a microwave oven would be the strength of the punch that it packs. The strength of such microwaves is usually measured by the wattage that it delivers. Large scale microwave ovens can go upwards of 1500 watts. Choosing a microwave with a wattage exceeding your personal requirements would usually result in overcooked food specimens. Consult your local supplier or expert regarding the tailored wattage for your own needs before committing to a microwave purchase.

Food Presentation Techniques

Your clients impression of your establishment forms largely from factors such as the way in which you present your food. Understanding how to garnish effectively, judge the proper plate size, and creatively use a pastry cutter and other restaurant equipment gives you a great advantage. Your plating style affects how your customers feel about your cuisines quality and even their satisfaction with portion sizes. Novel approaches to food presentation help keep your restaurants competitive edge.

Designing Desserts and Drinks

Drinks and desserts offer plenty of opportunities for originality in presentation. Some professional chefs have mastered the art of making intricate paintings on their plates using chocolate, upon which they set the dessert itself. While acquiring this skill takes special training, you can easily create images in the foam of coffee selections such as cappuccinos. Adorn pastry and ice cream dishes with whipped cream using various designs and shapes. Honeys of varying colors and transparencies, nuts, and fruits add depth to most desserts while providing endless chances to experiment with new ideas.

Restaurant Review Bernies Hot Dogs in Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Do you like to eat hot dogs? Then you have a fairly new restaurant to visit: Bernies Hot Dogs in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. This one of a kind (in Highlands Ranch that is) restaurant is definitely not something you should consider if you like to eat fat-free or healthy food. Hot Dogs are considered fast food or junk food and that is what you will get at Bernies. This franchise restaurant is unique to Highlands Ranch and it is located on the West side of the Highlands Ranch Town center at the intersection of Highlands Ranch Parkway and Lucent Blvd.

The hot dogs at Bernies tasted pretty good when I visited this restaurant. The staff was very friendly and the food was delivered in no time. The menu offers a few special hot dogs (think Chilly Dog or Guacomole / stuff like that) as well as regular hot dogs. Fries come extra, but an adult meal order of fries is plenty of food. You can also order a salad + add your favorite soda pop or iced tea. The hot dog menu has a very long list of side items that you can put on your hot dog and customize it to your needs. If you are looking for variety in how you can customize a hot dog, Bernies Hot Dog definitely is worth a visit.

However, If you are more health conscious like I am, you would better stay away from Bernies. The fries are addictively good in taste and really separate this restaurant from other fast food joints in the area. The foot long hot dog I had ordered was tasty, however the amount of grease and fat that came with it was just way above my level of tolerance when it comes to food. A meal of that magnitude will come with probably 1500 calories or more (dont worry, I did not finish it as it was too much food for me). Still, I am at the edge of having high cholesterol and this kind of experience does certainly not help to keep the cholesterol level under control.

Barbecue Versus Grilling Explained For Novice Grillers

We commonly use the terms barbecuing and barbecuing interchangeably, but they are actually two different means of cooking. For many years the two terms have actually been used together a lot that many individuals have actually forgotten or just never learned the difference in between the two terms. Barbecuing depends on a higher temperature level to sear what you are cooking to keep the juices in. If you think about it, Grilling is actually a lot like broiling. Typically when you think about grilling, you think about cooking hamburgers on the grill or a good juicy grilled steak.

Both methods use direct heat, but when barbecuing the heat source originates from below and when broiling the heat source is from above. Both methods are fantastic when cooking tender cuts of beef, chicken, fish and vegetables. See to it whatever you are cooking isn’t too thick or it will burn on the outdoors by the time the within is done. Due to the fact that a lot of the fat drips down into the fire, Grilling is thought about a healthy method of cooking. You need to make sure to watch out for flare ups due to the fact that the fat incites the fire. This can likewise trigger a hazardous fire risk, so you wish to ensure that you keep a water bottle alongside the grill just in case.

Standard barbecue is done gradually with reduced cooking temperature levels and a lot of smoke. When you think about barbecuing the first type of food that enters your mind is child back ribs. Slow prepared ribs are an exceptional example of barbecuing.

List Of Filipino Unusual Food

Just like anywhere else, Filipino has its own list of unusual food. Food that are common among us Filipino but for some find the food unusual or exotic. Here is my list for some Filipino exotic food.

Balot: Balot is not only a popular food in the Philippines, as Filipino eats Balot for a very long time. Balot is a hard boiled fertilized duck egg eaten from the shell. For some, Balot is so unusual as it was featured in popular TV show as one of the most unusual food in the world. Balot is so popular in the Philippines because of the believe for its aphrodisiac effect and for being high in protein. Now a days, balot is usually sell in the street fried wrap with batter known as Balot Tokneneng. It is also eaten in other Asian nation such as in Vietnam, China has also a similar preparation known as Maodan.

Bayawak : Bayawak (variety of large lizard) is another unusual meat consume by Filipino, before you could always find Bayawak in some Restaurant in Manila specialized with exotic food but now a days you could rarely seen some as the number of Bayawak started to decline.

Liver Diet Recipes – Online Recipes For Liver Diet

When I explain to my patients that a healthy diet is a part of treating fatty liver disease, they instantly ask me, “What do I have to eat right now? Are there any liver diet recipes?” Truthfully, it is difficult to give a definite diet program for all fatty liver disease patients simply because you will find a number of situations that have to be considered. Nevertheless, you will find certain commonalities from which I’ve made my own diet plan and a set of suggested liver diet recipes for fatty liver patients.

Generally, liver diet recipes should include a balance of low fat or non-fat food, especially dairy products; high fiber consumption by means of fruits and vegetables; and complex carbohydrates that can be identified in whole grains, brown rice, and wheat bread. A person ought to likewise think about the important vitamins, minerals, and food groups to determine the particular liver diet recipes to consume each meal. l.

Although meats are a great source of protein, too much of protein in liver diet recipes will stress the liver even more. Try seafood, beans, and lean meat – and particularly those that have only been steamed or boiled. In liver diet recipes, vegetables and fruit should constantly be found particularly green vegetables and citrus fruits, which include folic acid and vitamin C, respectively. The essential thing in a liver diet program is that the fat content ought to be managed.

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