Food Pyramid And Its Classification

Are you finding yourself in need of dropping a few pounds, doing something to pick up a little more energy? If you are a person who tends to eat a lot of fast foods from restaurants, or you eat a lot of prepared foods while you are at home, chances are this is the cause for your fatigue and those extra pounds. There are ways to help both of those issues without going on a horrible diet that makes you feel like you are killing yourself. You do not need to work out at a gym till you cannot move.

The food pyramid tells you that there are five major food groups, and it tells you how many servings you should have from each food group each day. If you find yourself eating these recommended foods and snacks, the health benefits will be amazing.Fruits and vegetables are two of the food groups. Between the two groups, you should consume 11 items each day. You are probably saying wow, I can never eat that much fruit or vegetables. But if you start being creative, it will be very easy to consume.

So how does the Italian food pyramid differ? The Italian food pyramid basically concentrates on more of the foods that make up the Mediterranean diet. There is much more of an emphasis on eating foods that have a plant origin. Not only are fruits and vegetables eaten a lot more by the Italians and Mediterranean’s, but they also eat many more grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, olives, and olive oil. This is always going to make for good healthy food, packed with vitamins and minerals. There is also much more emphasis on eating fish and shellfish at least twice a week.

The bottom section of the Japanese food pyramid includes all the grains that are available. It is exactly the same as the USDA version in the sense that you can eat 6 to 11 servings a day. Then there are two sections detailing the amount of fruits and vegetables that you can eat. The Japanese food pyramid has one section for vegetables which allows you to eat between 3 and 5 seconds per day and a section for fruits which allows between 2 and 4 servings per day. Going up one level there is two more sections, one section for dairy products and the other section for meat. The meat section also includes fish, crab, squid, and even bean curd. The final section, the top section of the Japanese food-pyramid, includes all the foods which are only to be used sparingly. This section is for fats, oils, and sweets.

And hey! With this diabetes diet chart you can have a party on fruits, veggies and grain foods. This food grouping, is right at the bottom of they diabetic food pyramid and actually help you fight the disease because with high fiber fruit and veggies they help the bodies natural work in breaking down glucose. 3 or more serves a day will work well for you.Concerning the vegetables and grains these are natures gift to the diabetic and up to 5 serves a day in good portions provide great fiber content for the body to break down that glucose that threatens to send you into the dreaded diabetic coma.


The others are Alanine, Asparagine, Aspartate, Glutamate, Glutamine, Glycine, Proline, and Serine. These are formed from amphibolic intermediates by short anabolic pathways, or from other dietary amino acids.Proteins form different sources vary considerably in the quality and quantity of their amino acid contents, and thus their food values differ. The building blocks of proteins are amino acids. While proteins contain substances in addition to amino acids, their biologic properties are determined largely by the kinds of amino acids, present, the order in which they are linked together, and thereby the spatial relationship of one amino acid to another.

Some determinants of GI (Glycemic Index) are listed below;

i) Processing:- The more finely ground grain is rapidly digested due to increased surface area hence a higher GI. Processing tends to remove the fibre rich outer bran. It also removes the vitamins and mineral rich inner germ, basically stripping the food all its nutrients except carbs.

ii) Fiber-content: – The bran for example shields the food from immediate rapid action by enzymes. This slows the enzymes effectiveness in releasing the sugar molecules into the blood stream.

iii) Ripeness: – The more ripe a fruit or vegetable the more the sugar it has hence a higher G.I.

iv) Structure of the starch: – Occurring in many structural forms, the more a starch isomer is branched the less easily is broken down. For example a potato is more easily broken down because its starch is only a long chain. This makes it a high G.I. food.

v)Fats and acid content :- The more fat and acid a food contains the slower its carbohydrates are turned into sugar.

Career Options in 2011

Rising unemployment rates in the recent past have made hunting for a job a guerilla search. The good news is that while most sectors in our economy have suffered cutbacks in employment, many of them are now back in business and are ready to hire. Here’s what you should be doing.

Still in college or heading there? You have the opportunity to make the smart career choices now that can hone your skills for the job opportunities that are in greater demand today.

Already employed? Now is the time to consider upgrading your credentials with a course that could augment your skills and qualify you for promotions or a new career.

Careers that Show Excellent Growth Prospects

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, certain sectors of our economy are showing more optimistic signs of growth.* To enhance your job marketability, below are a few career options you should consider pursuing in 2011.

Healthcare. Its not for everyone, but if you’re looking for the likelihood of job security, this could be the place for your skills. During the recession, the healthcare industry was one of the few industries that actually hired more people. Plus, employment rates have been rising in almost every field of specialization. Career options are open in nursing, healthcare management, medical assisting, and accounting in hospitals and long-term facilities.

Energy Sector. As gas costs continue to rise, focus today has turned to saving energy and discovering alternative fuel sources. Opportunities lay ahead in marine, wind, and solar energies, carbon management, and more.

Business Administration. Business will always require administrators and managers, and opportunities are growing. Sales and customer service representatives are also in demand. Plus, with business gone global, more multinational companies are looking for people who are willing to travel or relocate to different parts of the world.

Information Technology (IT). According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, IT is one of the fastest-growing job markets.** There is a huge demand for a top-level, higher-end IT workforce, which includes talented systems designers and software developers. Internet publishers have good job prospects as well. The IT industry is dynamic, and a bright future could lie ahead for those who can keep up with the pace of information technology.

Good News for Fresh Grads
The job market for fresh grads is growing. Entry-level job postings for candidates with less than one year of experience have increased by 13 percent from the previous year at the end of 2010.***

Courses can prepare you both practically and academically to face real-life challenges in todays job market. There are a wide range of degree programs to consider in order to pursue a career in any of these growing fields, including health sciences degrees nursing administration degrees, information technology degrees and more.

*United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. “Statistics.”
**”Fourth Quarter 2010 Career Trend Analysis Report”, Inc.
***Koc, Edwin and Mimi Collins. “Job Outlook 2011: College Hiring Outlook Positive in All Regions.” NACE.

Basics of Restaurant Design

The success of a restaurant does not only depend on the quality of food and customer service but also on the environment or what we called the “restaurant design”. This is an essential factor to keep every customer come back in the restaurant. Lets discuss some of the basics of restaurant design.

First is the seating capacity. In dealing with the seating capacity in a restaurant, you should also consider the welcoming ambience. This is simply letting your customers visit your restaurant while creating a balanced environment. This factor can be easily seen in different types of restaurants today. For example, fine dining restaurant concentrates on the ambience of the place-music, ventilation and heating and not on the seating capacity.

Next thing that you need to know is the problem areas of a restaurant. The truth with restaurateurs is that they cant escape from having one problem area in the place. Restaurant problem areas include tables near restroom and front entrance. To solve this problem, simply place a divider like tall plant or screen. Problem areas can be easily determined by sitting in every chair. And try to look at different views while sitting and if you see that theres one thing that is unpleasant to your eye. Then its time for you to replace such thing.

Music is one of the neglected factors in terms of restaurant design. Well, music can change the mood and attract customers even without noticing it. Avoid playing music that is repetitious. When you choose songs to play, dont depend on your staff. Even if they dont like it, the music must be appropriate for your customers and be suitable for your restaurant. Popular restaurants today have live music. They usually hire famous singer or band that can be a tourist spot for customers.

One of the important aspects for any type of businesses like restaurant is the heating and ventilation. Good air ventilation attracts customers. People dont want a non-air conditioned restaurant during summer. For some restaurants, it is normal for them to operate with electric fans only. They dont even know that it loses sales.

In the busy world, people especially Americans view eating in a restaurant as a form of nourishment as well as entertainment. Restaurateurs must think of a unique idea that will attract customers and thus, increase their sales. So if youre planning to establish a restaurant in your area, you need to consider the basics of restaurant design that I mentioned earlier. Also, think of ideas that will distinct your restaurant among other restaurants. Remember that food and service are not enough. Top restaurants worldwide aims not only for delicious foods but also for a soothing environment. For you to be able to design a good restaurant, you need a restaurant design expert who will you help to think of new ideas for the design. Hiring a restaurant design expert will save money and reduce the chance of committing mistakes.

Restaurant mobile online ordering system eased the bookings

These days, internet is known to be the most excellent source so as to collect the needed features and information about the globe by easy searching. Some years before only very some people used to access internet, although most recently everybody used to desire for their every day needs like as tickets reservation, shopping and many more. The truth is this kind of booking creates people more reliable and comfortable as well. Therefore almost the entire companies are providing online booking facilities for their consumers. Here are few of the advantages for a restaurateur who is enthusiastic to install online restaurant reservations for their business growth. An extremely frequent benefit is that your precious customers can save time. Your customers are no need to hurry to your restaurant so as to book their tables. Suppose you offer restaurant Mobile Online Ordering to your customers, then they can capable to book tables instantaneously at their home by creating some clicks in their mobile phones or laptop.

The certain benefit is superior to save time for together you and your clients. It is likely for you to ignore uncertainties about transaction procedure as your clients can transfer their bill sum through online once the time of booking tables. This is the more stretchy procedure in this online booking system. There is in fact no such require of hiring large number of workers for your restaurant. Why since requirement of workers will be unnecessary if you can offer dining bookings online to your customers. Once you installed the online booking systems, you can simply manage your business accounts details without any difficulties. Also your customer can able to avoid making spelling mistakes in their names and addresses while booking E Menu and they can know through online about available tables to book. Protecting the business from foul activities is a necessary deal for the entire business owners.

Therefore this online restaurant booking assists the restaurateurs to defend their industries. Just the cardholders can capable to preserve your tables. With no offering the unique card details, the payment from never permit them to book the tables in your restaurant. In each restaurant there is probability to get puzzled since of booking a similar table to another customer at a time, this accurate issue will occur frequently. So, to avoid this kind of concern, it is worthwhile for you to hire restaurant online booking systems for your restaurant website that you and your staff can simply come to know what the entire are the tables previously booked and table presented for booking. The certain advantage permits you avoid reservations mistakes. There are many restaurant online ordering system available over the internet search for the best one which suits to your business.

Five Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Bloated Face

Nobody wants a bloated face. Picture this: you stare at the mirror and all you see is a swollen lump as big as a pumpkin. It doesn’t look or feel good, does it? Having a puffy face will definitely make you more conscious about your appearance, and that’s not good if you’re trying to impress a date or have your photo or video taken.

Is it possible to shed off unwanted fat on your face? Yes, it is! The key to making your face slimmer and sharper is to lose weight and excess water in the body. The following are effective tips to help you get that toned face you’ve been wishing for a long time.

1. Avoid eating salty foods.

Salt causes your body to retain much water, and this leads to facial bloating. When you snack with food loaded with lots of salt, you’re likely to feel thirsty and your face will swell the next day. So this means you’ll have to say goodbye to chips, burgers, pizza, and other foods with high sodium content. A good trick is to prepare your own food at home so that you can control the amount of salt you consume.

2. Be alcohol free.

Alcohol is known to make the belly bigger. But did you know that alcohol can also make your face bloat? Alcohol dehydrates the body and adds a huge amount of calories, thus leading to facial bloating.

3. Drink plenty of water.

You need to stay hydrated to lose your face fat. The belief that drinking lots of water can make your face bloat is a myth. If you don’t drink the right amount of water daily, your body will store as much water as it can to make up for the deficit of water. This leads to bloating on your face. If you drink at least eight glasses of water every day, your body will have enough water in it. As a result, your body will eliminate all the excess water, so your face becomes leaner.

Also, avoid drinking soda and other sweetened beverages because the sugars they contain make your face bloat.

4. Undergo cardio and weight training.

Workouts are a great way to slim down your face. Weight training and cardio exercises, when combined with a balanced diet, can help you burn more calories and lose face fat.

5. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Ditch those processed foods in the fridge. Opt for something natural like fruits and veggies to reduce the bloating on your face. These natural and healthy foods contain water that keep you hydrated and prevent your face from retaining water. Try to eat not less than three servings of veggies and three servings of fruits a day. Instead of reaching for a chocolate bar, snack on a fruit salad or a bunch of grapes. Fruits and veggies contain fewer calories, more fiber, and more anti-oxidants; that’s why they are recommended to those who want to stay fit.

Aspiring Chefs Just Need Passion And Talent. French Culinary Institute Scholarships Takes Care Of Fi

Situated in the streets of New York, the French Culinary Institute recognizes that the potential of culinary talent may be abundant but may be scarce in education funds. With this realization, French Culinary Institute Scholarships are now offered to incoming learners who have passed qualifications on academic merit and financial necessity.

Some of the pride of the French Culinary Institute are master chefs like Jacques Pepin, who happens to be one of its distinguished faculty, and Food Network stars like Bobby Flay, who was once a student in the institute and now is a visiting lecturer. The institute has offered six-month syllabus of day courses and a program with nine months duration for night classes. In supplement to this, the French Culinary Institute has been recognized for their offer to have a series of classes focused on the amateur chef. Unprofessional and full-pledged students both have hands-on training at Lcole, the fine dining restaurant of the institute. Without consideration of a students course, each is eligible to submit an application for French Culinary Institute Scholarships. Some qualifications that needs to be met are US citizenship and permanent residency, which of course ranges from a few thousand to more than ten thousand applicants. These grants also include awards for four Restaurant Management Scholarships in the same number of thousands each focused toward those who want to pursue restaurant management careers.

The FCI Military Scholarship, which awards twenty hopefuls with $5,000+ in the previous years, has been intended for students with culinary and pastry arts interests. Eligibility of French Culinary Institute Scholarships in this category is very specific to those who have worked for any branch of the military for at least 30 days. The Societe Philanthropic/ The Friends of the FCI scholarship is one of the very famous grants given by the French Culinary Institute and has, at one time, given a $6,000+ award to a student who wants to enroll in either the Pastry Evening Program or the Culinary Evening Program. The Friends of the FCI Fall Award is the highest grant of the French Culinary Institute. It had given one individual pursuing studies in either Classic Culinary Arts or Classic Pastry Arts and who would be starting the course in either October or November.

My Vanilla Frosting Recipe

I wish I could actually call this “my” vanilla frosting recipe, but when youve got something that works so well, why reinvent the proverbial wheel??? Pillsburys The Complete Book of Baking is one of the best general cookbooks around for pies and cookies and cakes, and its recipe for Buttercream Frosting is a thing of beauty!

The great thing about this recipe is its simplicity:

2/3 cup softened butter 4 cups powdered sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 2-4 tablespoons half-and-half or milk

In a large bowl, beat butter until light and fluffy. Gradually add powdered sugar, beating well. Beat in vanilla and half-and-half, adding enough half-and-half for desired spreading consistency. Yield: Frosts 2-layer or 13×9-inch cake.

Now, I do admit that I tinker a bit with this vanilla frosting recipe. I use double-strength vanilla extract, to add extra depth and richness to the flavor, and I use 2 teaspoons of it. Its no more expensive than pure vanilla extract (no one should even acknowledge the existence of the artificial stuff); and although you wont readily find it at your local grocery store, its easily bought online. When you have a recipe as simple and straightforward as this one is, the quality of the ingredients is paramount. So dont buy your butter on sale but invest in a European-style, go with the half-and-half rather than milk, and use the double-strength vanilla extract. Youll thank me later!

Once youve made your vanilla frosting recipe, you can use it to frost a sheet cake or a layer cake; you can add a bit more confectioners sugar to make an icing to decorate your cake or cookies; you can frost 24 cupcakes; and you can just pick up a spoon and eat it “as is” my favorite! People will wrestle with each other for the privilege of licking the bowl and the spoon.

This recipe is readily adaptable for vegans, for people with lactose intolerance, and for those who keep Kosher and need non-dairy desserts to accompany a meat meal. Use margarine (though the flavor wont be the same as it is with butter, some accommodations are necessary in this life), and substitute vanilla soy milk for the half-and-half. Voila! Treats that everyone can enjoy!

Another beautiful thing about this recipe is that you can tint the frosting for any occasion — red for Valentines Day, green for St. Paddys Day, yellow for Easter, pink and blue for a baby shower. And you can even leave it in its original creamy color for a wedding. This vanilla frosting recipe is too good to be true!

Bajaj Food Processors

Food processor is a household appliance which is used the functions like shredding or blending, chopping or slicing fruits, vegetable and other food stuff, it is made of interchangeable blades which can be changed according to your need. A food processor reduces your physical efforts , energy and time. There are many brands in the market which are into assembling of food processors, but the most famous brands which ruling the Indian market are Bajaj, Philips, Kenstar & Maharaja.

Among all the brands, Bajaj is the one that is now among the most preferred Food Processor brand which is out in the market with two models; FX 10 Food Factory and FX11 Food factory.

Bajaj FX10 Food Factory

FX10 Food Factory is powered with the powerful 600 Watts, 18000 RPM motor that comes with the 5 years of guarantee , functionally it has two liters unbreakable poly carbonate processing bowl with a lid and 1.5 liter unbreakable polycarbonate liquidizing jar, this food factory comes with the stainless steel blades including individual blades for, chopping, slicing, shredding and French fry cutting, that means all your multi task can solely done by this Bajaj FX10 food factory so effectively, stainless steel grinding & chutney jar is additionally given to operate the grinding and mixing functions.

A citrus and centrifugal juicer has been attached with the Bajaj FX10 food factory with 3 speed control which are with interchangeable facility for the momentary operations of making juice at home, generally while grinding anything, some stuff is left stick between the jar blades, so spatula is provided with this for easy removal of blades by which you can properly clean them, you can get this multi tasking Bajaj food processor in just Rs 5395.

Bajaj FX11 Food processor

The another food process made by Bajaj FX11 Food Factory is also been fitted with the 600 watts 18000 RPM motor and with carries almost every of the similar features what the Bajaj FX10 food factory has, but additionally it is been sported with individual 1.5 liter Unbreakable polycarbonate liquidizing jar with stainless steel blade, 1 liter stainless steel grinding jar with multi function blades and safety interlock for security purposes.

This can be gettable in the price Rs 5495 with 5 years guarantee on motor and 2 years on all the products.

Culinary Holidays in France

Food lovers have brought the world a whole new type of trip: the culinary holiday, a vacation which focuses on food, wine and treats other diversions as ancillary. For foodies these trips are incredibly rewarding and allow them to sample the best the world has to offer in an authentic way. Culinary holidays go to all sorts of places such as Australia, Singapore and Thailand; yet the holy grail of such trips is France: the birthplace of fine cuisine.

Culinary Holidays in France start in Paris. The City of Lights has some of the best restaurants in the world; indeed, it has an overwhelming share of the world’s Michelin starred establishments. Accordingly, a trip here will lighten your wallet as you’ll want to sample the best and that comes at a price. Rest assured more simple fare is easily found with great baguettes, patisseries and steak frites available pretty much everywhere.

Heading out from the capital, the culinary visitor is given a whole variety of different choices. You can go to Toulouse to sample duck sausage and foiegras, or head to Bordeaux for wine, or north to sample seafood. As you move from area to area you will be astounded by the variety of different foods. Wherever you are, be sure to try the local speciality as it is likely to stand miles above other more common dishes.

Improved Restaurant Management Through Restaurant Forms

Developing Your business By Using Restaurant Forms

Restaurant forms are especially useful for anyone starting out a restaurant business. These forms are designed to minimize complexities involved when you’re starting out; saving you time with research and prevent costly mistakes. Opening a restaurant involves working on a lot of different details which are important to the success, growth, and longevity of the business. Adding in pre-designed forms and templates will not only help you determine which tasks you need to work on, but it also helps you identify how to do them, through organized paperwork that keeps you on the right direction.

Day to day activities in operations, management, and marketing may prove to be challenging tasks for a new entrepreneur in so far as managing long-term expectations are concerned. Effective and efficient processes in developing, acquiring new information, and maintaining your business as you continue to make your business generate consistent influx of profit are the keys to any successful organization. These are achieved through organized procedures, smart decision making and management skills, accurate and detailed reporting, and of course, a well-trained and equipped workforce.

Organizing Procedures By Using Restaurant Forms

Preparing for and expecting future business priorities like inventory, employee documents, payroll forms, tax forms, training manuals, instruction materials, process guidelines and procedures, company policies, code of conduct, and many others are very essential tasks when you’re starting a business. This is mainly achieved through organization at the very onset. Organizing these priorities offers a lot of benefits, to both the new and experienced restaurant business owners; from conceptualization of the business, to the pre-opening, to the day to day operations and long-term planning.

New restaurant business owners can use these forms to create a solid foundation for their business that can help them in carrying out their strategies.

These forms that include different successful operating procedures and data collection tools can help you produce and maintain accurate and efficient systems with your reporting, and thus increase productivity, save time and reduce costs.

Experienced restaurant business owners employ these tools side by side with their business strategies in managing costs, improving the organization processes, managing time, and creating a solid foundation.

Restaurant Forms – In conclusion

Generally, managing time and money are key factors in the success of a restaurant business. Having a detailed and accurate report ensures you of being able to foresee the different needs of your business and prepare for those needs.

Effectively and efficiently managing your business requires detailed and accurate reports, organized structure of the procedures and processes, time management, and a skilled workforce. Having pre-designed forms and templates and incorporating them into your business, can help you efficiently identify all the important details necessary to keep your business be organized, profitable, and remain in the right direction.