Coconut Cream Pie Recipes

Coconut cream pie recipes are a great way to make a dessert thats easy but looks impressive. Even coconut cream pie recipes that are all from scratch can be assembled in under an hour, and if you use some time-saving tricks you can cut that down in half.

The first part of all coconut cream pie recipes is the crust. Use a commercial baked crust if you need to save time, but homemade crusts taste better. A simple one can be made by crushing one package of graham crackers and mixing with one stick of softened butter, and then pressing it into the pan.

A more traditional pie crust is made with 1 and a quarter cups flour, teaspoon salt, half a cup of vegetable shortening and 3 tablespoons ice water. Mix everything together except the water, making the mixture resemble coarse crumbs, and then drizzle the water over the dough. Knead until the dough makes a ball, then roll out into a circle with a rolling pin and coat the bottom and sides of a pie pan with it. This pie crust will work with any coconut cream pie recipes you might find.

The next step in coconut cream pie recipes is the filling. One way to do this from scratch is to use 3 cups half and half, 3 eggs, a cup sugar, four tablespoons corn starch, one teaspoon of vanilla extract and a cup of toasted coconut flakes (bake them in the oven on 350 degrees for 15 minutes). Mix all the ingredients except the vanilla and coconut in a saucepan over low heat, stirring constantly until the mixture starts to boil and thicken. Remove from heat and then add the vanilla and most of the coconut (save a little to garnish the topping with). Pour on top of the crust and refrigerate for several hours.

If you dont have the time to do this, any coconut cream pie recipes can be adapted using a coconut pudding mix. Try a smooth and creamy one like Rawleighs coconut dessert mix and add the toasted coconut flakes to it and no one will know that you werent slaving over a hot stove for an hour.

Finally, top the pie with Cool Whip and sprinkled the rest of the toasted coconut on top, and youll have a pie that compares favorably with the best coconut cream pie recipes.

Highlighting Award Winning Chefs And Dining In Atlanta

Its no secret that Atlanta is home to some of the best chefs and restaurants in the southeast. In the past few decades, Atlanta has seen a large influx of award-winning chefs and five star restaurants, making Atlanta home to some extremely incredible and unique dining experiences.
Many of Atlantas award winning chefs have been featured on Food Networks Top Chef and have continued their success by opening award-winning restaurants. Top Chef season 4s runner up Richard Blais has made a huge splash in the Atlanta dining scene with his innovative dining experiences. In 2008 Blaze opened FLIP Burger, burgers including the Louisiana shrimp, fauxlafel and the bun mi chicken. If the burgers werent enough already, FLIPS also offers an array of mind-blowing original milkshakes including the Krispy Kreme milkshake, the Nutella milkshake and the Captain Crunch milkshake.

Since opening in 2008, FLIP has become so successful that Blaze actually opened up two sister locations. In addition to he FLIP expansions, Blaze introduced Atlanta to his most recent restaurant idea, HD1. Carrying on with the Americanized gourmet ideals expressed in FLIPS menu, HD1 is a gourmet hot dog restaurant located in the poncy-highlands. Unlike the typical hotdog joint, Blaze developed a menu that turns the every day ballpark frank into a gourmet meal.

Blaze isnt Atlantas only Top Chef star. Kevin Gillespie, Eli Kirshtein, Hector Santiago, Janine Falvo, and Whitney Otawaka have all been featured on Food Networks Top Chef. Kevin Gillespie, the fan favorite of Top Chef season 6, is currently in the process of opening his first restaurant, Gunshow. Gunshow is projected to open in April of 2013. It is projected to be the most unique, innovative eatery to be presented in Atlanta. Rebelling against the traditional dining scene, Gunshow will not have servers or a set menu. The restaurants idea is to connect patrons with the food on a personal level. One way of doing this is having cooks serve the food.

Eli Kirshten, who was featured in Top Chef season 6; began as a fry cook under world-renowned Chef Kevin Rathbuns at the Atlantas Buckhead door. After culinary school, Kirshten worked with Richard Blais at ONE midtown kitchen. He is currently developing a new Atlanta project while working as a culinary consultant.

Hector Santiago, also from Top Chef season 6, has spent the past 12 years developing his restaurant Pura Vida. Sadly, Pura Vita saw its last night at service on New Years Eve 2012. Santiago has hopes to open a new restaurant sometime in the near future.

Janine Falvo from season 9 is currently the Head Chef at Brizo in Midtown. At Brizo, Falvo expresses a farm to table dining experience using only the freshest quality ingredients. Whitney Otawaka was also a contestant on season 9, and much like Falvo, she is currently leading a farm to table restaurant in Athens, Georgia called Farm 225.

When it comes to fine dining out in Atlanta, there are more than enough celebrity Chefs to ensure a meal that is much more than just your average dish!

Professional Cooking Suggestions For The Amateur Chef

Whether you are a college pupil merely starting your own culinary experiments or a seasoned chef by having countless dinner parties under your belt, there is consistently a little something new to study about cooking. Browse these suggestions for impressive assistance that you can easily carry out in your kitchen area tonight, and get used to wonderful home-cooked meals.

To easily remove the veins from shrimp make use of the sharpest knife that you have and slit down the back of the shrimp where the vein is. Put the knife at the top of the vein when slit and raise it out then rinse out the rest out of your shrimp with cool water. When cooking burgers, no matter exactly what the type of burger, it is essential to just turn it one time in order to retain all of the liquids. If you don’t do this your burger will certainly most very likely end up dry and will remind one of a hockey puck! Do not let that take place to your burgers.

When making huge amounts of bacon, lay the bacon on a foil-wrapped baking piece, and cook it in the range (according to package directions) as an alternative of on the stove top. The bacon will definitely not just continue to be flat during cooking, but you will not have to cook batch after batch to reach the amount you want. A terrific cooking point is to spray your pan by having oil before you cook by having it. Spraying the pan with oil will definitely make it so that the food doesn’t follow the pan. Attempting to clean a pan by having food stuck on it is able to be remarkably frustrating and time consuming.

Include onion in your spaghetti sauce, tacos, casseroles or further dishes without displeasing picky eaters by grating the onion before providing it to the pan. The onion will essentially dissolve into the additional food, adding wonderful onion flavor without including big chunks. Use a metal box grater for the best results. If you discover yourself with detail of a loaf of stale bread, do not thrust it away or feed it to the . Instead, turn it into croutons for a soup or tossed salad by tossing cubes of bread with oil and spices and baking them until crispy. You are able to even turn stale bread into breadcrumbs for lots of recipes.

If you are preparing an entire chicken or turkey, take the time to period under the skin as aspect of your preparation. By lightly gliding your fingers between the skin and meat in the breast area and thigh area, you are able to produce room for seasoning. Combination your favored herbs and spices and slowly rub them from the meat under the skin. The skin will lock in juices and enable your seasoning to soak up into the meat.

While cooking is fun, normally, the cleansing up that follows, is not. To prevent having to manage a large mess after a day of experimenting or dinner preparation in the kitchen area, keep your sink filled with warm soapy water, rejuvenating when necessary, and cleanse up as you go along. Besides keeping your end of day cleaning down to a minimum, you will certainly also have clean hands as you touch and prepare food throughout the day.

These ideas are a sensational start to developing an assortment of healthful and scrumptious dishes. Usage them in your own cooking to provide your family members an unique thrill today. Allow yourself to be enthusiastic as you obtain motivation to organize your kitchen and your cooking into a comfy spot where you serve mouth watering foods. Begin experimenting with recipes and carry out the tips that you have learned right here and enjoy. You never ever understand – you just may have discovered a brand-new vocation.

How To Stockpile Food For An Emergency

It is necessary that all individuals are prepared against potential disaster. It is impossible to be aware of exactly when an emergency might strike, and as such, one should take extensive actions to ensure that he or she knows exactly what to do in any situation. The implications of disaster preparation are numerous, and the process of readying oneself for emergency situations can seem daunting. Although, one can best protect himself or herself by starting with the basics.

The initial important step in amassing one’s stockpile would be to make it possible for one possesses a well balanced assortment of food items. It may be true that preservative-laden potato chips and snack foods will keep for many months, but if one ever had to actually use his or her foods stockpile, these food does not supply one with the energy and nutrients that his or her body demands. One should therefore ensure that the foodstuff in his or her stockpile represent every one of the significant nutrients that people demand for survival. This includes proteins, carbohydrates, and quality fats, plus a vast range of nutritional vitamins and minerals. Survival schools or a survival blog can be consulted for a entire checklist of the nutrients that the human body requires on a daily basis.

An easy way to make sure that one’s foods for an emergency features the vital nutrients would be to take on foods from several different groups. Although nutrition bars are very useful components of a survival kit, one should not rely completely on these snacks for his or her emergency sustenance. Great additions to a foodstuff stockpile would include nuts, dried fruit, jerky, crackers, canned beans and vegetables, and pretzels. One can visit a survival blog for more food ideas.

After collecting all of the vital components of his or her stockpile, a person needs to store his or her foodstuff in a protected place. The storage site needs to be very easily accessible even if the condition of one’s home has been affected by the disaster; for instance, if one lives in an site that is quickly flooded, then he or she should be certain to keep the foodstuff stockpile in the upper reaches of a cupboard or shelf making sure that the food items is not damaged. An emergency blog based in one’s specific location can be advantageous in determining a good location to keep one’s foodstuff for survival.

Eventually, it is required that one refreshes the meals in his or her stockpile on a regular basis. Many families setup a stash of crisis food and then overlook it over time. One really should be certain to check the stockpile each six months or so, changing any expired or spoiled foods as a way to assure optimal health in the case of a disaster.

Opening A New Restaurant Through Restaurant Finance

Sometimes the most challenging aspect of operating your own business is getting financing to sustain stable development. This is real truth when you are looking for Restaurant Finance. There is a false impression that dining places are more apt to fall short than any other kind of work; a 10% effectiveness is often estimated.

Some several finance alternatives that you can turn to in times of need. While not every one of these alternatives can assurance that your program will get accepted, it can still be employed to get to know more about them. In this way, you can have a better image of their specifications so you can effectively conform to them. This can better make sure that your program will not have problems. Among the most common alternatives that entrepreneurs hotel to be conventional small loans, company payday loans, bank card sales receivables considering, and company collections of credit ratings online.

How to Open Restaurant are experiencing an increase in use as economical businesses demand extreme rules on obtaining a little business loan. Considering agreements are not specifically loans, which indicate that your credit ratings score, security and additional elements the banking organizations could determine do not even come about. Seeing that you can validate that your organization brings in a firm total of funds through bank card industry monthly, you’ll be capable to acquire some financing, a very exciting portion of knowledge for fresh organization owners with a little bit time operating to back them up.

When studying where to get a Restaurant Finance using your credit card vendor account, be sure to store around. There are many organizations providing identical products. Look who provides you the best quotation and seems reliable. Not pay handling charges and keep in mind your company does not always have to change processor chips.

A person beginning a restaurant needs to consider extra problems like the financial practicality of the idea. Australia Catering Equipment can be best for opening a new Restaurant. And Aim of Opening a New Restaurant is setting your long term and short terms business help for your restaurant. So dont waste your time and put your cell and contact us for Choosing Catering Equipment, Restaurant Finance, How to Open Restaurant, Opening A New Restaurant, Commercial Kitchen.

Storyboard Software Pre Viz May help Educators Instruct in Classrooms Effectively

Visual mapping of your concept gets students particular attention as well as interest therefore, making your teaching efficient.

Digital storyboarding software provides fresh means of creating professional storyboards exciting and straightforward, pre-loaded with artwork, backdrop and also effects like voiceovers, music and fun “extras”. In case you are interested in amping up your student’s attention to what you are trying to teach, digital storyboarding software could be a pathway to better test results from your class!

Previously, conventional animation tool had a few known issues and teachers still needed to outsource art work from “live” artists which usually slowed down the task and will create the requirement for meetings, evaluations, and corrections. Today’s innovative software programs have taken away the need for a human artist, appealing animatics are pre installed within the program, supplying instant art which you can use right away.

This advance technology is causing enormous changes in the industry of digital storyboarding. Educators are now starting to realize how easy it can be to pre-plan their particular vision as well as present it to a class. Pre Viz
software program can be useful for obtaining best results for your students in today’s academic background as the software is made to work with your own innovative method as well as mindset.

You can even share everything you create on social media like changing your own storyboards to Flash lets you publish all of them on the internet, where students can refer to them on their own time. You can even make your storyboards readily available for iPhones, because the best software provides simple conversions to other platforms. Obtaining the most from the current web savvy and also gadget-obsessed students is easier when you can present your own ideas in platforms they know and love.

To familiarize yourself with storyboarding is easier with software that requires and guides efforts. The learning curve is quick and straightforward. You will find your class organizing becomes less complicated, since you can easily clarify ideas visually via digital storyboarding software.

Improve your teaching capabilities and interesting lessons, storyboarding could be the key. Any kind of demographic or perhaps education degree you’re teaching, from grade school to doctoral, can benefit from clear descriptions of processes and also patterns. Make your ideas “pop” using storyboarding software program.

Postnatal ‘confinement’ Food Part 2

Everybody will ask you to eat only ‘ heaty’ food and avoid cold or cooling food as your body is cold after childbirth. This applies to the 3 main races in Malaysia but sometimes, what is considered ‘heaty’ may be ‘cooling’ for another which increases our dilemma. The best option is to try out the food as far as your culture and religion advices and learn to substitute the ingredients wherever possible to suit your taste. I am afraid that my culinary expertise is limited to Chinese and Western food so I can only talk about this type of food at this moment in time.

Traditional Chinese confinement food consists mainly of old ginger, rice wine, sesame oil, black vinegar, some warming alcohol, lots of meat especially kampong chicken and lean pork, white fish such as white pomfret and some vegetables.

Apparently, you are supposed to eat 30 chickens, 12 bottles of rice wine and 15 kilos of old ginger root during this period. Whether you can achieve this target is up to you but I find that most women nowadays cannot manage it. On average, if you do practice what is recommended, the cost could easily be about RM 1000.00 ++ just for the food only.

Food to avoid during the first week only
Ginger – Delays healing of wounds and increase risk of jaundice in baby. Substitute with peppercorn or garlic.
Fish – Causes foul smelling lochia or discharge.

Alcohols which are recommended for consumption during the confinement month are: Brandy, Yomeishu, rice wine and Guinness Malta because they are yang’. If you are a non-drinker, this sudden consumption may cause alcohol rash, redness in the face and heart palpitations, so do take it easy. Alcohol does go to the baby through breast milk, so if you want a good night’s sleep, drink the alcohol after your dinner. The content of alcohol is reduced during cooking therefore you might consider adding it to your food during cooking instead of drinking it neat. Guinness Malta is non alcoholic and has high iron content therefore is suitable if you are anaemic. Pulut rice is rich in iron therefore is used to make rice wine for postnatal nursing mothers. The rice is low in fat and free of cholesterol with high dietary fibre to reduce risk of heart attack and diabetes. It is better known as Shaoxing wine.

It is believed that iced or cold drinks may cause severe shock to the system and further weaken the cold’ body therefore it is strongly recommended that boiled warm teas are consumed throughout the day as they are supposed to help heat up the womb. For those who do not believe in these teas you may try drinking Chamomile tea which is beneficial for the baby as well, because it helps to reduce wind

Soup is a nutritious replacement for water. You can use any meat for stock. The meat supplies fat that is essential for extraction of fat soluble nutrients. Drinking soup about 1 hour before breastfeeding may help to increase milk flow. Chinese soups are usually clear and easier to drink compared to creamy western soups and it is less fattening.

Below are some food ingredients that you might want to add to your diet during the postnatal confinement’ month.

Boxthorn fruit or Chinese wolfberry is best known to correct poor eyesight and eye strain. Used in conjunction with other herbs it is effective for improving energy and strength

Chinese angelica root or dong kwai is supposed to nourish the female organs, alleviate menstrual pain and prevent haemorrhage.

Chinese yam (wai san) used in conjunction with meat and other herbs aids digestion, regulate sugar level and control inflammation of the uterus. The dried variety must be soaked for at least 15 minutes before use to remove the powder

Solomon’s seal (yok chuk) is used to alleviate many ailments especially those affecting the throat and lungs

Sesame oil, besides being rich in Vitamin E, Iron & Calcium, helps heal the womb and rid it of “dirty residual blood”.

Chestnuts invigorate vital energy. Resolves fatigue depression and irritability. High in phosphorous, selenium and calcium

Black vinegar is made from glutinous rice and lowers ph of food. It leaches calcium from bones cooked with it, therefore it is used to prepare high calcium food especially for breast feeding mothers and it also relieves a windy abdomen.

Dill has antibacterial and antispasmodic properties. It is a warming herb which aids digestion, gets rid of gas, encourages lactation, freshens the breath and soothes colic. It is the main ingredient in Gripe water.

Almonds and walnuts contain leucine and isoleucine which are amino acids that regulates growth, blood sugar and wound healing.

Malay confinement food is the same as normal but with a lot of jamu which is basically natural herbal remedies used internally and externally for health and beauty. Make sure the products are registered with the Ministry of Health and that they are locally produced

Kani seeds contain antioxidants to promote youthfulness, tighten vaginal muscles, prevents excessive discharge, odour and itchiness. It firms the breasts and promotes healing of the reproductive system after childbirth.

Gallanggal is a member of the ginger family and it functions as an antibiotic. It warms the body, cleanses the blood, improves appetite, reduces wind and energises the muscles.

Pegaga leaves increases energy, helps ease sleeping problems, improves blood circulation.

Turmeric functions as an antibiotic and promotes a healthy circulatory system.

Drumstick leaves are rich in proteins, vitamin C and A, beta-carotene, iron, calcium, potassium and other minerals. Because of their nutrients and ability to encourage milk flow, they are a valuable food for survival in impoverished countries.

The most important thing to remember is that you must be comfortable with what you eat. Do not force yourself to eat something that you do not like or will cause problems later. Although you are in confinement’ you are not a prisoner per se.

Restaurant Recruiters and the Employee Screening Process

Restaurant Recruiters and the Employee Screening Process

When you are ready to hire a new chef or hospitality industry professional for your restaurant, you probably already have a good idea of what you’re searching for. You want someone with a quality education and years of experience. You want someone who will fit in with your existing team perhaps someone who can take the reigns and direct your cuisine and restaurant image to new heights. Most of all, you want to find restaurant employees you can trust.

Hiring in the Current Job Market

With more culinary and hospitality graduates entering the workforce than ever before, it seems as though employers seeking to fill their ranks with culinary and hospitality industry professionals should have no problems. However, anyone who has ever tried to handle the recruitment, interview process, and employee screening process to fill even a single position knows that finding and securing quality staff is no simple matter.

Part of the reason these difficulties abound is because of the time investment required in becoming your own restaurant recruiter. Restaurant owners and managers are notoriously good at their jobs; they handle the supervision of large numbers of staff, oversee the dining experience of their patrons, create marketing campaigns, and work with chefs to come up with great menus. However, there are only so many “hats” a single person can wear, and spreading yourself too thin is never a good idea.

That’s where the restaurant recruitment specialists at JDeane Jobs come into the picture. They offer professional placement services that give you direct access to qualified, earnest prospective employees without the hassle of recruitment and screening. After all, you leave the food service up to the wait staff. Shouldn’t you leave the employee recruitment process up to someone whose sole job is just that?

Job Screening for Culinary and Hospitality Industry Professionals

When you bring on the restaurant recruiters at JDeane Jobs to supply you with potential candidates for your next job opening, you get the benefits of employment screening without any of the burden. It is a faster, easier way to find restaurant employees that will fit in with your establishment and your vision for the future.

When you find restaurant employees the traditional way, you are usually forced to wade through stacks of resumes and applications (especially if you posted on a job board or in the classifieds), the majority of which will not fit the stipulations you already specified were a necessity. In addition, this time-consuming process doesn’t always work, since you may overlook potentially strong candidates or let a few “undesirables” slip by.

In this same time-intensive way, initial interviews are often used to determine the feasibility of the prospective employee. Considered a sort of “weeding out” process, it all boils down to seeing how the candidates compose themselves and determining whether or not they are telling the truth about their educational and professional backgrounds. Oftentimes, these interviews only lead to second interviews, a lengthy process that you may not have time to even consider, let alone perform.

Cocktail Recipes With Midori

Cocktail Recipes

A cocktail is a style of mixing drinks, usually a mixture of distilled spirits, sugar, water and bitters (alcoholic beverages prepared with herbs and citrus dissolved in alcohol/glycerin, having a bittersweet taste). However, the word cocktail has slowly come to mean any mixed drink containing alcohol. A typical cocktail is designed by mixing (in many different ways) one or more types of liquor, liqueurs and flavourings with fruit juice, soda, sugar, herbs, cream, ice, etc.

Over the years, hundreds of cocktails have been designed by bartenders and other experts in the field. There are also personal cocktails made popular by people who like to create new mixtures by experimenting. Many cocktails are selected by the International Bartenders Association for use in annual World Cocktail Competition and as such are the most popular around the world.

Brandy Alexander is sweet cocktail based on brandy and prepared by mixing it with crme de cacao and fresh cream and garnished with grated nutmeg and served straight up without ice in a cocktail glass

French Connection is made with Cognac and Amaretto liqueur.

One of the more popular cocktails created in 1939 is Bloody Mary, which is prepared by vodka, tomato juice, and Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, salt and pepper and garnished with celery salt and lemon wedge.

Another popular cocktail is Screwdriver. It is made with one part vodka and two parts of orange juice with a pinch of salt and garnished with an orange slice.

Martini is a cocktail made with gin and vermouth (a fortified wine flavored with aromatic herbs and spices). Martini is also a brand of Italian vermouth. Apple martini or Appletini is made with vodka and either apple juice, apple cider or apple liqueur.

Midori is a relatively recent addition in the field of flavoured liqueurs. Carrying a muskmelon flavour, it has become one of the preferred liqueurs of accredited bartenders all over the world. Bliss and Midori Punch are two exotic cocktails that use Midori as a primary ingredient.

Bliss is made with equal portions (30ml each for one serving) of Midori and Paraiso Lychee Liqueur, which are build over ice in a tall glass and equal parts of cranberry and orange juice are added.

Midori Punch is made with 500ml of Midori and 750ml of sparkling wine and mixed with unsweetened pineapple juice and lots of chopped fresh fruit and some strawberries.

Cocktail parties were a slightly out of fashion during the two decades (1970s and 1980s) which were characterized by a casual approach to established customs. But now, cocktails parties are now back with a bang. Beer and whiskey are now pass and mixed drinks or cocktails are back in fashion.

This article is brought to you by Midori – Find Midori Cocktail Recipes Online

Weber Bbq Rotisserie – Roasting With Ease

What’s better than a rotisserie chicken? A rotisserie chicken cooked over charcoal on a Weber BBQ rotisserie. Home-cooked food is constantly superior than take-out and anything done on the rotisserie; ribs, chicken, turkey, is sure to be a treat. We grill out most nights in the summer since it helps keep the inside of the home cool with no oven on and meals are far more like a picnic when we have them on the patio.

I’ve tried other rotisseries in the past but either they didn’t fit my kettle grill or the motor wasn’t strong sufficient or even the rotisserie would be off balance and jam. Weber appears to have solved these complications and created a rotisserie that’s set and forget. All you have to do is establish your timer or thermometer and keep your stomach from growling too loudly!

I especially like rotisserie done around charcoal, which is why I like to use my kettle grill. The Weber 2290 fits my 22-1/2 inch kettle grill just perfect without any requirement to prop or fuss obtaining the perfect fit.

A feature I definitely like with this rotisserie is the counterbalance control. If the meat is too heavy for the rotisserie, it will stop with the heaviest weight on top. From there, it is possible to adjust the counterbalance for the weight of the meat and the rotisserie will then turn at a steady pace cooking your dinner.

The motor on this rotisserie is also pretty quiet and incredibly heavy duty. I roasted a 15-pound turkey on it as a test run and following obtaining the counterbalance arranged, it ran with out a dilemma. I in no way had to reset the counterbalance during the cooking time.

Cleanup is a breeze as the 1-piece spit slides out of the motor and it along with the skewers can be wiped down with soap and water separately. I haven’t had anything burn or stick to them. The entire unit just gets hung up for your next use. Though I have to say it hasn’t been put away for long so far since the Weber BBQ rotisserie gets used so often.