Top 5 Places To Eat On Anna Maria Island, Florida!

Anna Maria Island, is now regarded as one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Found on Floridas west coast, part of Floridas Gulf Islands, Anna Maria encapsulates everything that makes an Island, paradise. Average temperatures of 86F,/ 26C, beautiful beaches, clear blue skies and seas, a laid back attitude and an array of eateries and restaurants an eclectic mix of places to eat, with fine dining, home cooking, quirky settings and waterfront locations that will leave you breathless!
We have picked out our Top 5 Places to Eat on Anna Maria Island. Enjoy!
Your Own Anna Maria Rental Home!
Anna Maria Island is home to some of the most fantastic vacation rentals in Florida, and none are more spectacular than those on the beachfront or overlooking the waters of the many bays and canals. Anna Maria Island showcases some of the most beautiful and dramatic sunsets across the Gulf of Mexico, so a private and intimate dinner, with front row seats every night, has to be regarded as one of the best restaurants settings, if not for the views alone. But, the Island also has a selection of first class private chefs and/or caterers that will come to your Anna Maria rental home and cook a menu of your choice for you to enjoy with any number of guests. Or, if you prefer to do it yourself, the historic Anna Maria General Store, the only independent retailer on the Island, has everything you need to cater for yourself in your Anna Maria rental home. They also have the most delicious home made cakes and cookies and will make deliveries if you just cannot tear yourself away from that view!

The Beach Bistro
The Beach Bistro first opened its doors in 1985 and since then has continued to receive heaps of critical acclaim as one of the finest eating establishments in the world. The Beach Bistro has been recognised many times by both Zagat and Floridas Golden Spoon Awards, as one of the Top Restaurants in America with food and a wine list to match. The Beach Bistro serves the best of American Food, using the very best of, mostly local, ingredients. Their Grouper dishes (the local Anna Maria Island fish) are absolute culinary feasts. In addition, to beautiful food, and service, the beautiful setting of The Beach Bistro is also award winning. Found in Holmes Beach directly on the beach – the Bistro enjoys magnificent views, capturing the dramatic Anna Maria Island sunsets across the Gulf every night. Enjoy beach cocktail service, and elegant beach dining at the Beach Bistro.

The Sign of the Mermaid
The Sign of the Mermaid is a fabulous quaint, family run restaurant – an understated gem on Anna Maria Island. Its base is an old cottage built in 1912 and its surroundings and delightful dcor and artefacts – including a tea pot collection – are as unique as its fabulous menu, a combination of Floridian and European delights, all cooked to exquisitely high standards, but with a home cooked twist to give you nothing short of an absolute pleasurable culinary experience.
Anna Maria residents and holidaymakers alike, declare that The Sign of The Mermaid is the place to go for breakfast, and their deserts must be sampled, but how do you choose between an Espresso Chocolate Explosion Pie, a Chocolate Truffle Peanut Butter Pie, or the Bread and Butter pudding which varies by the week, or the award-winning Gold Coast Key Lime Pie! Try them all perhaps!

Ginny & Janes E
When you enter Ginny and Jane Es, looking to sample their Island famous, Crme Brulee French Toast, you would be forgiven for thinking youve come into the wrong place. A eclectic mix of the most beautiful furniture, soft furnishings, art and gifts, gathered from fabulous artists, locally and beyond, fill the store. But, continue through and you will find the wonderful caf and bakery that is Ginny and Janes E. With a sumptuous menu, delicious home cooked cakes and goodies, Ginny and Jane Es invite you to sample not only their menu, but their furniture and furnishings, because everything you sit on and at, is for sale! A literal take-out menu! But dont worry, they will at least wait until youve finished before they wrap and pack, which they can do nationally and internationally, if you do want to take that coffee table home with you! You have to go and meet Ginny and Jane E, when you are on Anna Maria Island!

The Waterfront
The Waterfront Restaurant occupies a beautiful location on the corner of South Bay Blvd and Spring Avenue, not far from the City Pier. Its menu is fabulous, with a wide selection of delicious, fresh, mostly, locally caught seafood, and awesome burgers amongst its ample choices. But The Waterfront also combines fine food with a little bit of Anna Maria History, perfect to add another dimension to your Anna Maria holiday. Built in 1922, The Waterfront was once a cottage; one of the original homes on the island and since becoming a commercial venture in 1970, it has held many guises, including an ice-cream parlour with an in-house piano player! A fire in 2004, meant a complete re-development for the restaurant, creating the glorious venue it is today. Some of the original features were salvaged, but a new micro-brew, wine bar and open-air patio with wonderful views across the Gulf, are beautiful new additions that make The Waterfront Restaurant one of the most fabulous restaurants on Anna Maria Island.

Learn Various Food Colouring Through Food Coloring Chart

Some foods are visually very appealing with the use of different food coloring agents. With catchy food, the desire to eat also gets enhanced leading to strong appetite and if these are natural then there are even no side effects.

Food coloring chart is the collection of primary and secondary food colors. There are three primary food color viz red, yellow and blue. By mixing any two colors in specified ratio leads to the formation of secondary colors that are purple, green and orange. Like red and yellow when mixed in equal proportion these lead to orange color. If you will increase the quantity of yellow color then the resultant color will be more towards yellow otherwise towards red.

Food coloring is mostly done for the icing that is used as a topping above the cake. At most of the stores you will find the primary color and the green color. But in some others different shades of purple, black and pink are also found. It all depends upon the mixing of food color.

Food Coloring Chart Tips
Mixing of any two primary colors in equal parts will generate the secondary color.

One drop of red + one drop of yellow = orange

One drop yellow + one drop blue = green

One drop blue + one drop red = violet

Use white color to lighten any color. Specifically for food use white icing to lighten the food color.

Mix the primary color in equal proportion (red in bit more quantity) to get the complete black color.

Caramel color is a brown color that is extensively used for icing. This brown color is obtained by mixing more of green in less of yellow. Green is the secondary color.

To make the color of your choice start with one drop of each color and change the proportion as per the requirement.

Get the pastel color by adding white to the required food color.

Deepening of color occurs with time, therefore mix the color at least one hour before its application.

Natural Food Coloring Chart for Icing

The numeric values in the chart defines the number of drops required to make the food color.

Apricot = 2 orange + 1 egg yellow

Coral = 3 rose pink + 2 lemon yellow

Ivory = 1 liquid whitener + a touch of brown + a touch of egg yellow

Jungle Green = 14 green + 6 yellow

Lime = 24 yellow+ 4 green

Navy Blue = 1 sky blue + 1 violet

Raspberry = 3 bakers rose + 1 Christmas red

Rust = 8 orange + 2 red red + 1 brown

Yellow Maroon = 4 red red + 2 burgundy

As far as possible use natural food colors to avoid any kind of adverse health effects.

My Favorite Restaurant Recipes

My favorite restaurant recipes. Hi! I’ll start off by introducing myself. My name is Dennis and I love going to my favorite restaurants and enjoying the serving of my favorite dishes. There’s something about one particular restaurant that brings happy memories of Dad. Anytime I see this restaurant it always brings a smile to my heart. I can still see that same dish that he always ordered. I made an amazing discovery when stumbling upon Favorite Restaurant Recipes. At my fingertips are the easy to follow directions to my favorite meals. I can have the aroma and the flavor my tastebuds so desire at fraction of the cost. In todays economic climate this was a God send. While times are hard family and friends are where we turn. I just love treating myself to a delicious meal and the warmth of family and friends dining together. Mom always has a drawer full of recipes, and on occasion throws one of her own in there. She loves these recipes that give her an unending buffet in her own home. She could’nt believe the variety to choose in platters, breads, desserts, soups, and even drink. The amount and variety is uncomparable to anything I’ve seen. Planning a meal just is’nt planning anymore. I just turn to favorite restaurant recipes and save money on the many first class recipes I have at my fingertips. I love this! My favorite restaurant dishes served at home and I pay myself !


Menu of the Day

PssstI’m going to let you in one of Spain’s best kept secrets. You can enjoy a three course meal with wine for the price of a snack, if you know these magic words; Menu del Dia, which means simply Menu of the Day. Normally served between two and three in the afternoon by just about every restaurant in Spain, this afternoon delight is a great way to eat good food at a very reasonable price.

It all started during Franco’s time as a way for workers to obtain a nutritious meal at an affordable price. Franco has gone, but thankfully Menu del Dia lives on, and is in fact as popular as ever, but you have to know about it to get it. Some restaurants advertise their Menu of the Day on a chalk board outside the establishment, whilst others will happily bring you the normal menu without mentioning the cheap option, especially ifhow can I put thisyou’re not a local.

Of course the standard menu may have a list of dishes as long as your arm, whereas the fare on offer for Menu of the Day may only provide a choice of three or four dishes for each course, but there’s usually something there to suit everyone. Let’s get one thing straight here; the food is not inferior or in any way less nutritious than what’s being offered from the main menu. The difference is the price, and I promise you, I’ve never walked away from a Menu del Dia feeling hungry; quite the contrary in fact. Don’t forget that these meals were meant to feed the workers, and still do, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself surrounded by a group of Spanish taking their lunch break.

A popular first course is a really tasty soup or a salad, but dishes are as diverse as the restaurants which offer them, so there won’t be a problem finding something you like. A Chinese restaurant will have its own particular version, as will an Italian or Indian, but most Spanish bars and restaurants stick to what they know the locals will enjoy. Chicken, fish, meatballs or pork usually come with chips, but that’s no different to the main menu. There’s usually the choice of a pudding or coffee, but if you want to pay extra, you can have both.

Although Menu del Dia is available nationwide, the cheapest place, according to the Organisation of Consumers and Users, is Malaga, which weighed in with an average price of 7.55 which is pretty good value for a hearty meal. The national average is 9.50; still representing terrific value for money. Apparently, this information was gleaned from a survey of one hundred restaurants in Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Seville, Valencia, Vigo, Zaragoza and Malaga. I wonder who carried out the survey, and if he can fit through his front door these days; nice work if you can get it.

The only problem with Menu del Dia is that you probably won’t want to eat a big meal in the evening, which could spoil your restaurant plans, but if you’re happy to eat your main meal in the middle of the day, and are looking to save money, it’s made for you, so the next time you’re on holiday in Spain, don’t forget the magic words.

What Are The Popular Types Of Laser Cooking Thermometer

Laser thermometers have brought the revolution in the modern life especially in the modern kitchen. Different types of laser thermometers are available in the market to make life easier, simpler and comfortable. Laser thermometers are required when you need the accurate temperature reading of any object without touching the surface.

Different types of laser thermometers have hit the market with unprecedented popularity. The types of laser thermometers include the laser cooking thermometer, the culinary laser thermometer and the infrared laser thermometer. These can be divided into various categories as well. Here in this article we will have a look on these types of laser thermometers.

Laser cooking thermometer is the perfect companion for talking the exact temperature of the cooking surface without having to touch the surface. With these thermometers temperature can be measured in a number of ways but this work on the same principle of laser and infrared technology.

Types of Laser Cooking Thermometer

Laser cooking thermometer can be of various types. Candy thermometers and meat thermometers are the two most prominent types of cooking thermometers. Candy thermometers help in keeping an eye on the temperature of your candy concoctions as they boil. And the meat thermometers allow us to get the most delicious, succulent, tasty and soft meat dishes without the fear of overcooked or undercooked preparations. Laser culinary thermometers are just like the cooking thermometers. They help in measuring the temperature of the cooking surfaces and ensure the properly cooked food dishes.

Infrared Thermometers

Infrared thermometer is another type of laser thermometer. Infrared thermometer measure the temperature in a number of different ways. Infrared thermometers measure the temperature of an object analyzing infrared radiation that comes off of it. Almost all the object emits infrared radiation and these types of laser thermometers use the principle for accurately measuring temperature.

Laser thermometers can be of different types as well. Spot Infrared Thermometer, Infrared Line Scanning Systems, Infrared Camera, Portable Infrared Thermometer, Permanent Infrared Thermometers and Mini Celsius infrared thermometer are some very prominent types of infrared thermometers.

Among these, Spot Infrared Thermometer is the sort of thermometer that focuses a laser onto a small point of the object to read the temperature. The infrared radiation coming from this point aloe the thermometer to take temperature read. Infrared Line Scanning Systems Work similarly as the Spot Infrared Thermometer. But these thermometers use the mirrors to reflect its laser onto a wider surface instead of focusing onto a small spot. Infrared Camera is used to take temperature read when the surface area is large. These thermometers can create 2-D image of an area of space and they can map the temperature throughout it.

Portable Infrared Thermometer is yet another type of infrared thermometers. These are good for using in the doctors office or in the field. Permanent Infrared Thermometers are also for larger and mounted tasks. These are used in the large places specially for monitoring the areas. These are suitable for using in the military bases.

Laser thermometers are perfect for measuring the temperature of any type of object with accurate reading.

Job Opportunities In The Food Service Industry

Reports issued by the U.S. Department of Labor has mentioned that job opportunities in the food service industry is going through a real upsurge. If you have chosen a career in this sunshine industry, you can make a healthy income for you and your loved ones since job demand is on the rise. You can have a look at how you can make a lucrative career in the food service industry.

Looking for job opportunities in the food service industry can both be challenging as well as rewarding. Of course jobs of waiters, bus hops, kitchen assistance, hostesses are available in plenty. If you think this kind of work is not what you are looking for, then there are other opportunities as well in the expanding food service industry.

There are many jobs in this profession which include jobs of chefs, managers, assistant managers, business owners, etc. you can be one-up on your other fellow colleagues by getting yourself a diploma from a college in hotel or restaurant management. If you like to cook, then a degree in culinary management is what you should go for. While there are plenty of job opportunities available in the food service industry, getting an opening in the managerial position will take you some years of experience.

Professional managers have to handle different types of responsibilities. You have to be familiar and an expert in different functional areas like the kitchen, managing the hostess team, ordering supplies and many more. You should be able to hire and fire people, be responsible for their appraisals and even take care of the maintenance of the hotel or restaurant equipment, the place where you will be working.

For the job of an executive chef, you have to have a professional degree in culinary skills as well as relevant experience. Your job would include supervising the food preparation with utmost cleanliness. You should be able to clean the whole kitchen and plan meals in consultation with the manager. The executive chef is also expected to assist the manager with the food preparation time, devising cost saving ways to cook a meal, and do the individual costing of various dishes.

These are hard working job opportunities but the emotional reward of cooking a well-liked dish is unparallel for a person who is a peoples person. Financially it is also a lucrative career option with the starting salary of a managerial position fetching close to $30000. executive chefs in 4-star eateries can draw up to $100000. If you like to be with people and cooking is your passion, take a look at the food service industry. Who knows you could find the job of a life time !

The Difference Between A Bbq Grill And Barbecue Smoker

To start we must 1st talk about with some basic concepts. BBQ refers to reduced and gradual cooking (i.e. pulled pork, beef brisket, tender and juicy pork ribs). Grilling refers to hot and fast cooking (i.e.: steaks, pork chops, hamburger and various kinds of kabobs).

Generally speaking, barbecue refers to cooking with wood over a reduced flame in order to cause the internal temperature of the meat being cooked up to consumable temperature slowly so as to prevent losing moisture (think tenderness) from big cuts of meat. For example, cooking a 15 lb. beef brisket adopting the hot and rapid procedure might most presumably leave you with meat that is charred on the outside and raw in the center. A few BBQ cooks use indirect fire (for example: flame source is offset from the cooking room) versus direct heat (think first source is placed in just above to the cooking compartment) to assist combat this issue.

Some cases of indirect-style BBQ grills vs direct trend BBQ cookers are the ever-favorite “tank-style” cookers, compared to the highly favorite way of direct-style barbecue cookers like the Primo, Kamado and BGE or Big Green Egg. There are many variants and choices for cookers besides than these particular makers.

For the majority of folks, the style of cookers is highly-dependent in many factors including:

Accessibility of wood and the cost of buying timber vs availability of charcoal (lump or briquettes).
Place for storing the cooker when not in use.
Personal preference, or a few will say it “ego”.

Persons residing in an apartment will find it difficult to vindicate the buy of a big offset cooker, not only becuase of a lack of lumber supply, but also for a lack of inside storage room when the cooker is not being used. Offset cookers range in price from the typical $200-hardware store funds conscious variety, to the top-of-the-line pits created by a master pit builder that can get real expensive, real fast. Conventionally, individuals with a single-family haus with a garage for storage, or a storage shed of a few variety, somehow be more likely to own an offset cooker against persons living in an efficiency-sized apartment in the heart of a downtown city block.

The compact size of a ceramic BBQ grills just like the Big Green Egg and ready availability of charcoal somehow suit individuals residing in an apartment better. If mobility is a consideration, the offset is less of an option, insomuch as it takes commonly takes two or more individuals to comfortably move a small offset (without wheels), or even a vehicle to move some of the bigger ones with wheels that can weigh more than 3,000 lbs.

Anybody can learn to cook a few real fine BBQ applying any of the cookers specified above. The ever-favorite “kettle” grill can turn-out some good ‘que including, with a few patience and accepting of correct fire control methods. I’ve eaten some fine BBQ created by cooking a whole pig using a chicken wire framed up with metal rods and then suspended on top of cement blocks.

Some straightforwardadvantages of adopting an offset smoker:

Bigger cooking room (plainly speaking).
Parallel cooking outside and the capacity to cook many meats at the same time
Greater physical size denotes a sense of “machissimo”
“Conventional” procedure keeps you very involved in the cooking performance because you have to constantly fuel the flame (some would also call this a disadvantage)

Benefits of the ceramic BBQ grills just like the BGE, Primo, and Kamado:

Not difficult to store.
Ceramic construction holds heat immensely well.
Capacity to maintain higher temperatures allow use as a grill or smoker.
A little charcoal goes a long way.
With lesser practice, temperature mastery should have little exertion/observing.

Always remember, it’s the barbecue chef and not BBQ cooker or grill that concludes the quality of your BBQ. Which cooker you choose is issue of personal preference.

Culinary Universities in New York – The Biggest Location to Train As a Chef

Are you contemplating of attending a pastry artwork school in NY? If you are there are a few factors to take into consideration about residing and going to school in New York. There are a amount of good schools in New York that educate pastry arts. The French Culinary Institute, Culinary Institute of America and Institute of Culinary Schooling, are some of the major universities in New York. Whilst New York is possibly the most effective spot in the nation to go to culinary instruction, there are a handful of things to maintain in mind about going to school in New York.

New York Metropolis is a pretty massive town, it is uncomplicated to get misplaced and feel lonely in a city this big. If you are considering heading to college in New York, you seriously need to visit first. If you dwell in or near another huge town it might not be a lot of a transition to stay in New York Metropolis, but if you are from a smaller town it could be a major

A fantastic way to battle the loneliness of the massive city is to come across a club or group to join at your school. Check out with the school’s office and see if there is a club that you may like to join. This is probably one particular of the fastest approaches to meet other individuals.

If you have buddies or household residing near to New York City, that can make the transition significantly less difficult. Figuring out there is another person you visit with or talk to in a massive town can be extremely reassuring.

It may well not make sensation in a metropolis of 8 million folks that you may get lonely, but it is accurate. With so numerous individuals going about their company daily it can be challenging to meet people.

The culinary arts are a very multifaceted discipline, and culinary schools in New York display how varied it truly is. A pupil, for example, can specialize on restaurant management as a substitute of taking a generalized plan. A search at the culinary schools with area of interest specialization proves this.

The Italian Culinary Academy and the French Culinary Institute are two excellent examples of culinary school specialization. Certainly, the French Culinary Institute is an institution that presents courses on French cuisine-effortlessly one of the most popular and most complicated cuisines in the earth. Students right here can get up total programs or brief plans, all of which are centered on the good are of French cooking. After all, a French culinary college is the finest destination to find out about deboning and filleting, artisan bread baking, fundamentals of wine, breakfast breads, and fondant-earning?

Meanwhile, the Italian Culinary Academy features the most considerable Italian cuisine curriculum this side of the planet. The school has two programs: Necessities of Italian Cooking (for those who want to understand about the intricacies of Italian cooking) and Italian Culinary Experience (for people who want to know the principles of Italian cuisine). The Necessities of Italian Cooking is an eight unit course that teaches students the principles of a variety of standard Italian meals, these types of as dried pasta (unit one particular), soups and grains (unit seven), cheese, pizza, and calzone (unit 2), and desserts (unit eight).

Eldon is passionate about gourmet meals and wine. He is specially passionate about culinary schools, which train the following generation of gourmand chefs.

The Best Culinary Schools in New York, The Best Culinary Schools in New York, Culinary School in New York

Loose Slots, Loose Slot Machines & How To Find A Loose Slot Slotland

Loose slots are considered the slot machines that pay out more frequently than other slot machines. Loose slots are always the slot machines most popular with the players and are the most sought after. Of course any player will seek out and play a game that frequently rewards them. Who wants to spend money on slot machines that doesnt offer wins? Without the loose slots, casinos would be rather boring to those of us who enjoy the win.

These slot machines are in existence for two reasons. A casino that claims 98% payout on slots must have these slot machines to avoid accusations of false advertising. Secondly, happy players with winnings will draw more players and excitement to the casino floor. Loose slots vary from day to day due to the random number generator within the computerized slot machines.

Are loose slots fact or fiction?

This really all depends on the slot machines. Some of these games have a higher payback and better odds. These slot machines are considered loose because a player could expect to see a better ROI than if they were to play low paying slots. If a sign says there is a 98% payback, you know it is a loose slot machine. This doesnt mean that if you play $50 that you will win $48. This means over a period of time (thousands sometimes millions of spins) the pay out will be 98%. Anything is possible during the time you are playing a machine. You could lose all of your cash or hit a jackpot. It isnt that hard to find the better paying slot machines in a live casino, with some patience and a little detective work.

Where are the loosest slot machines?

Casinos want their players to see each other winning jackpots. The excitement of a winning jackpot draws other players to the slots. This is similar to the super bowl ads you see during the big game. The more exposure received means more people will see it and buy into the hype. Thats right, the casinos do this too. Think about it like this, you are on your way into the restaurant and a player hits a $5,500 jackpot. You cant tell me that you wouldnt want to play the slot machines after dinner! Who wants to see a show or go to the gift shop when the slots are hot? For this reason, most people believe the loose slot machines are close to the high traffic areas such as restaurants, entrances, and shops- most likely areas where the winning slots can be viewed by others. On the other hand while players are likely to find loose slots near high traffic areas it is doubtful that they will find them near the gaming tables like black jack or keno.

Listed below are just a few ways to find the loose slots.

1. Look for a slot machine that is visible from many directions and that is centrally located in the casino. When players see others winning it encourages them to keep trying for a jackpot. This is generally where the casinos place their best slot machines.

2. Ask a casino worker such as a change person or waitress. These people are in the casino all day everyday and will usually tell you which slots are paying out more than others. This small bit of information just might bring you a big win.

3. Chat with the other slot players. Find out if they are in the casino on a regular basis and which slot machines they prefer. There is a good chance that they know where the loose slots are.

4. Watch for the winners. The people toting large trays and buckets full of coins. This is a good indication that they have won steadily and may be at a loose slot machine. Stay nearby and get the machine when it is available.

Loose slots are not just in land casinos, online casinos have them too. When youre playing online slots, look for the page that brags about jackpots being won, this might help you determine what slots are the loosest.

Shopping, Food And Fun At The Bay Bangalore

What you see RMZ Infinity Technology Park on Old Madras Road in Bangalore has a modern leisure center in the form of The Bay. A water body with a fountain stands out at this multi-retail center, open to public on all days.

What you get Spread over an area of 65,000 square feet, The Bay has some specialty restaurants like Pathankot (Punjabi and Himachali food restaurant), Hakka (from Mainland China), Sizzlers, Beijing Bites for Chinese food, Tandoori Express for great kebabs and Indi Joe for multi-cuisine delights. For casual hangouts McDonalds, Subway, Caf Coffee Day and Pizza Corner are there too.

The coffee shop here offers yummy pastries and other desserts and could be a nice spot to read a book along with a cup of hot, brewing coffee. Dont have books for company? The Bay has an outlet of Oasis book store that stocks books in various genres like fiction, non-fiction, home dcor, gardening, parenting, arts, science, literature, story books and more. Oasis is also a gifts and stationery store with soft toys, games, puzzles, greeting cards, music CDs and the like on offer.

The Bay also houses a large food court that attracts most of the crowds. The food court offers a variety of cuisines from North Indian and South Indian to Marwari and Chinese food. For a quick grab of your favorite ice cream after dinner, there is Baskin Robbins. A fresh juice center and a beverages stall are there too.

Besides, The Bay has a supermarket (Food World Express) where you can shop for grocery, fruits, vegetables, processed foods, frozen and ready-to-eat food along with toiletries, beverages and more. A general cosmetics store here offers personal care products, make-up items, shaving kits, hair dryer etc.

The Bay also houses the luxurious Golds Gym, part of the internationally famous chains of fitness centers. Golds Gym offers the latest equipment and services in group exercise, personal training, cardiovascular workouts, spinning, kickboxing, yoga and more.

Our verdict Bangalores technology parks boast of leisure centers but not many are accessible to all unlike The Bay. Thats what makes The Bay different from others. Be it for a drink after a long days work or a weekend family outing, a dining session with the boss, a casual get together or a family dinner, The Bay is a good place to go to. Go there for some household shopping and spend the evening by the water body with friends, family and loved ones. In terms of food, must-visits are Pathankot for Himachali food, Hakka for Chinese food and Sizzlers. The Bay also has lots of open space to play. So you can rest assured about kids too. Potted plants and small gardens with blooming flowers and greenery in the open space make the ambience cool. ATM facility and parking space is available.

Anytime between 11 AM – 11 PM