Nuwave Oven Reviews Not Nuwave Oven Scam

The Nuwave oven reviews that we found were overwhelmingly positive and there was no Nuwave oven scam mentioned. Almost all the reviewers who purchased and used their Nuwave oven loved it. There were extremely few complaints. These reviews are consolidated and do not differentiate between models of the Nuwave Oven.

Negative NuWave Oven Reviews

The biggest negative review on the Nuwave Oven was dealing with the main company. Read our Nuwave Oven Complaints article. But for negative reviews about the Nuwave Oven itself, they were hard to find. One reviewer was frustrated that the “suggested” cooking times for frozen food were not accurate. He had to sometimes cook food longer than suggested by the Nuwave Oven time tables. Most Nuwave Oven reviews mentioned that the suggested cook times were a good guideline, but sometimes had to be adjusted.

Other Nuwave Oven reviews pointed out that the Nuwave Oven lid is airtight, therefore allowing food to be moist, but crisp foods were not always crispy. Finally, a comment was made that if beef was overcooked it became rubbery.

While none of these are strong negatives against the Nuwave Oven itself, these were the only negative reviews we found. None of the reviews referred to any Nuwave Oven scam.

Positive NuWave Oven Reviews

The buyers who posted Nuwave Oven reviews were very pleased with how the oven prepared their food. They commented on how their food was moist and many of them also said their crisp foods were crispy. They had success cooking both frozen and thawed foods. The reviews mentioned food was less greasy and they liked the air fry chicken.

Some Nuwave Oven reviews said the oven was great for cooking for 1 or 2 people. It is unclear if they were using the oven with the extender ring attached. It used less energy then a convection oven and that it was a great 2nd oven when their conventional oven was full, especially for Thanksgiving. It had fast cook times for food compared to other ovens. Cleanup of the Nuwave Oven was easy and could be done with warm soapy water or in the dishwasher.

Tips from NuWave Oven Reviews

Many Nuwave Oven reviews gave tips that we thought would be worth mentioning. These tips cover many aspects of cooking with the Nuwave Oven.

To increase moisture, add an inch of water to the liner pan. The meat will pick up the added moisture in the oven and the drippings will go into the water and make cleaning up easier.

To cook food faster, use disposable aluminum pans. These pans can be reused.

To prevent food from sticking, spray or grease the racks.

To prevent overbrowning of fowl, cook on 1″ rack, cover with aluminum foil, removing it for the final 15-30 minutes of cook time. An alternative to the aluminum foil would be to cook at a reduced power 70-75% increasing to high power for the final 25% of cook time for browning.

To prevent sogginess of crisp foods, remove from Nuwave Oven as soon as desired doneness is reached.

Suggested cook time are just that, suggested. Factors will affect cook times like room, size and kind of cooking utensils used, oven temperature and size and type of food

The Nuwave Oven reviews we found agreed that Nuwave Oven was a product that the reviewers were glad they bought and many used it on a daily basis with great results. As far as these customers were concerned, there was no mention of any Nuwave Oven scam.