Your restaurant still doesn’t have a website

The one thing that restaurant owners put off is creating or even maintaining a website. Most owners are under the impression that building an online page for a business that serves foods and drinks is either too expensive or that such a small business can’t get profit from it. However, these are rather typical excuses and the truth is that local eating places who want to advertise nationally should bring their business to the web. What drives many customers to look online is convenience. More and more people prefer to look online for cafes, eating places, cinemas and doctors due to the fact that it is more accessible. For this reason and many others, building an online presence is essential for ensuring growth and profitability. Instead of relying on paper ads and traditional word of mouth, a business owner should rather show prospective customers what they can offer them and to project a professional image.

According to the study performed by Restaurant Science, almost 95% of restaurants don’t have a website, meaning that they are not able to cater to the needs of tech savvy customers. Taking into consideration that almost the same percentage of customers are using the Internet, not having a website is the worst restaurant marketing strategy ever. When people are looking for an eating place, they most likely turn to Google, the world’s most efficient search engine, to find a good place. The absence of an online page will determine prospective customers to drive by or not even knowing your location. Above all, a website answers the basic questions that the customer has about the business, such as location. A map accompanied by instructions will definitely keep the phone ringing. As mentioned before, a website is very useful for building a professional image, in other words a brand. Thanks to the online page, customers become acquainted with the restaurant, the ambiance or even the menu. People need this interactive solution before deciding to dine out and a well-created website determines customers to make reservations. You are able to launch new menu items and current specials directly one the website and keep clients up-to-date. .

Nonetheless, it is not enough to post online menus. What a restaurant should be doing is advertise upcoming events, as well as uploading photos so that everyone can share the experience. The great thing about websites is that you can upload as many printing materials as possible without dealing with printing costs. Another reason why creating a website is one of the most efficient restaurant marketing ideas is that you give customers the possibility to emphasize the positive aspects of the business. In other words, by giving them the chance to leave reviews you let them take an active role and you can show prospective customers why they should choose to dine at your place. The bottom line is that building an online page is cheaper than advertising for months at an end. Once customers realize that you exist, you will immediately start generating more business.

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